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Contemporary Fiction… with an element or two of truth.

Ah, yes, historical fiction. I love historical fiction, and I love Biblical fiction highest and best. We learn best in an atmosphere of enjoyment (Ralph Smedley of Toastmaster fame), and learning Biblical history by way of a novel is downright fun! And even contemporary fiction must contain accurate facts: If we place the story in Phoenix (as my Once Upon Some Holidays series has done), the places must be there. In a fictional town, there are still accuracies – like mention of ambulances, computers, adoptions, etc., must have accurate elements of what an ambulance contains and does, what a computer is able to do, and what laws apply to adoption. Think believable fiction!

The Truth Trilogy

A Roman's Quest
A Roman’s Quest, Book 1. A first-century Roman centurion falls for a Jewish girl. Her father promises her to a fisherman. A kidnapping could become necessary.

Marcus Varitor, Centurion

Marcus Varitor, Centurion, Book 2. Marcus, one of Julius’s closest friends, is greatly attracted to Meskanhet, a lovely Egyptian slave in the household of Loukas. Marcus also wants a promotion to centurion, and the tribune offers him a chance … if he can bring in Barabbas. But then Meskhanet is kidnapped by a slaver and Barabbas is put on hold. Or is he?

Truth Doesn't Die

The Truth Doesn’t Die, Book 3. One Roman senator, one physicians’ widow, a malicious would-be senator, a hungry bear … and the road to the cross. A story fraught with near misses, misunderstandings, danger, death, and disaster.

The Truth Trilogy
The Truth Trilogy, The three books in one thick paperback.

Short Stories written for series with other authors:

    • Her Best Worst Day, Volume 10 in the Twelve Days of Christmas series. A Christmas short story about a young woman with an unusual moniker (Wednesday Miracle Blessing – better known as Wendy), a baby found in a trash can, a handsome EMT, and a television reporter with a soft heart.
    • Mended by Mother’s Day, Volume 1 in the Summer in Sweetland series. Shellie has one prayer: that her grieving mother will find peace. It’s been two years since Shellie’s father died, and her mother retreats further and further from all family and friends. Zack, Shellie’s boyfriend, has a couple of suggestions. One is that they gather other grieving people together with her mother to try to talk things out. The other suggestion I’ll let you read about on your own.
    • A Late Thanksgiving, Volume 6 of the ‘Tis the Season in Sweetland series. Will Smith tends to act before thinking. A man hurts a young woman he likes – well, maybe he more than likes Shellie – and Will goes after him to teach him a lesson. When the man winds up dead, Will is in deep trouble.
    • Lawrence’s Christmas, Volume 2 of the Christmases Past series. On December 7, 1941, the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, the Baxters’ world was turned upside down – not unlike anyone else in the United States. All of the Baxter bunch is supposed to gather at their parents’ house for Christmas. However, like a good part of the young men in the part of the world, Lawrence signs up with the army, and he’ll leave the day after Christmas. His brother Howard and his brother-in-law Ernest are both considering it, even though they’d be leaving their wives behind, but they’ll wait until after Christmas to sign up. They all want to make this Christmas, which might be their last one all together, special.
    • A Short Engagement, Volume 1 of the Sonrise in Sweetland series. Will Smith is at it again. He asks Carlie to marry him on Valentine’s Day, but then he starts an argument and they wind up not speaking. It could take an act of God to get them back together, but never fear–forgiveness is big at Easter.

All but the first short story are parts of series that I edited or helped edit, thereby my name is on the cover – but I certainly can’t take credit for the unique and entertaining stories by the other authors!

My own series, Once Upon Some Holidays, releases this month (June 2015), all stories of holidays, compiled into one ebook or paperback. The book centers around the Mullens family in Phoenix, Arizona. They experience illness, death, and the pains revolving around teen years, friends on drugs, and discovery of God’s miracles of life, forgiveness, and love. As well as a new look at most holidays throughout!

Audio books of short stories are available from two of the series: Once Upon a Christmas Eve (from Once Upon Some Holidays), and The Short Engagement (from Sonrise in Sweetland).

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