God is important to me—no, more than important—He’s essential to me.

He understands, forgives, frees, and lifts me constantly. He’s so essential in my life that I have to share that joy with anyone who needs it.

Every week on my blog I share a short devotional called Monday Morning Devo. They don’t take long to read; they begin with a scripture reference and end with a prayer. (Check out

Fear NotIn November, my 33-day devotional called Fear Not was released by Elk Lake Publishing. I have written the lion’s share of the days’ stories, but a number of other writers, some well-known and some not, share their stories of fears they triumphed over with God’s help.

No one should ever feel as though they are alone in their fear; God is always there, even when you can’t “feel” His presence. It’s my prayer that, through the devotions, people will find that He walks with them through their worst fears and most fearful incidents.

I’m also now accepting submissions for a new devotional to be called Neither Be Afraid. Go to the contact page, write me, and I’ll send you the information. I don’t ask that you are a professional writer, just that your story is true and that it will draw people closer to our precious Lord for his comfort and strength.

I’ve also been considering another devotional for people who are grieving. Anticipated title, Seasons in the Shadow. What do you think?

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