Childrens Books

Writing children’s stories is something Anne enjoys more than eating, and that’s saying something!  After creating two children’s books, she still has a few more tales waiting to be told.

The Adventures Of Maybe: It was October, 1998. I came home from work to find a white-and-gold fur ball pressed into a corner of the front porch.  He spat bravely when I lifted him, but calmed when I petted him. I took him inside and put him with the two other kittens we adopted two days before, Morris and Molly.

The new kitten we named Maybe—because maybe we’d find another home for him, but just maybe we’d be keeping him (thus the book, Everybody Needs a Name). Maybe hid behind the dryer, and it took a month to earn his confidence. My husband Jack thought we’d tame Maybe and give him away—but by the time that month was out, Maybe had won a place in Jack’s heart (inspiration for the second book, Maybe Wins!).

Several years later I gave a speech for the SpeakEasy Toastmasters Club in Willows, California. I presented the story of Maybe and they loved it, even if I did go over the time limit. Following such a good reception, I gave Maybe’s story to my family to read.

One of them thought it would make a cute children’s story. And so it began…and Anne’s love of creating entertaining children’s stories continues. The next in the series, Maybe Meets Tillie Again, is set to release in July of 2015–WITH AN ACCOMPANYING COLORING BOOK! Cool, huh?

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