About Anne

Who is Anne Baxter Campbell?

  • I’m first, last, and foremost a Christian who loves God more than anything.
  • I’m the wife of a wonderful man who is somehow my perfect match.
  • I’m a mom to three outstanding adult children who bless me more than I ever could have imagined. I’m also a good friend to my husband’s adult children and their families; I’m not their mom—they had that in the wonderful lady who preceded me in their dad’s life, and there is no way I would ever want to replace her in that role.
  • I’m a grandma, great-grandma, and step-grandma to an ever-increasing, noisy, and fun crowd of kids.
  • I’m a writer and speaker who prays over every word written and spoken. It’s my prayer that God will shine through the writing and glow in the speaking, walking the readers and hearers One Step Closer to God.
  • I grew up in Challis, Idaho, beloved daughter of my mom and dad and little sister of a great guy I have always looked up to.

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